We find ourselves in these amazing cities and sometimes a little overwhelmed by the amount of options available for us to do or eat. Googling things to do near me leads us down a rabbit hole of blogs that hardly scratches the surface on what’s available. Brochure racks are basically clutter between you and the bathrooms that don’t have a rhyme or reason to the content they host. Asking the receptionist is really rolling the dice. Don’t even get me started on downloading another app I won’t use after this trip. Ultimately, we feel a little overwhelmed and in need of immediate (and actually useful) information.

As soon as our team started down the path of creating a solution for one city – we knew how in need this was for everywhere else. The tourism industry NEEDS The Local Travel Guide.

The Local Travel Guide was designed to facilitate the best and most useful form of tourist wayfinding possible. With networks of touch screens deployed in high-traffic areas such as hotel lobbies, we provide a very valuable opportunity for local businesses to be seen and engage with their potential clients in a new way. Value is provided to all parties through this process: The location partner (hotel) is able to improve the guest relation. The local business is able to showcase what they have to offer in an extremely affordable manner. The traveler receives the best form of local wayfinding possible.


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