Dells Local Travel Guide

4+ Million annual tourists
Network of 20 Kiosks, 15 digital signage locations, and 5,000+ QR codes permanently placed.
Total of 43 location partners and growing!


  • The Local Travel Guide provides the top level of digital wayfinding for tourist locations. Placed on touch screen kiosks located in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies.
  • With our flexibility, we even place the platform on QR codes for easy access throughout the guests stay. The LTG platform features LOCAL businesses only.
  • The highest quality impression is being made on this platform by showing your listing to tourists actively in search of something to do.
  • Visitors will see your content (pictures, contact info, etc.) and be able to decide if this is the best activity for them.
  • Undecided tourists will be able to make a more informed decision on the activities as well as receive all information on how to arrive at your place of business.
  • Optional Ticket Distribution -additional information available upon request.


  • Allow for the purchase of your show’s/attraction’s tickets to occur on the kiosk network.
  • Rev-Share platform where everyone wins! We incentivize the use of the kiosks by sharing any revenue generated through the sale of your ticket with the location in which it was sold.
  • You maintain the control! With our system we can set pricing, limits, quantities, special bundles, and more!
  • Flexibility – Make changes on the fly! Only pay for what is sold! There is no minimum on our end to how many tickets you must sell in a year to keep this service.
  • Integrate your own ticketing system to our platform! Truly sell directly to the tourists – this may incur a one-time developing fee.


  • Feature your business on the (impossible to miss) kiosks within the category(s) it fits best.
  • This is a great value to the local business, the guest, and the location housing the kiosk!
  • Your listing will include: Pictures, video, interactive map, hours of operation, a menu, book now button, website link, social media info, and more!
  • All of this has the capability to be sent directly to a phone or email.
  • Analytics – we track everything for you! See in real time how much traffic your listing receives and make adjustments as needed.
  • All the data captured is shared with you.
  • Optional Ticket Sales


  • All the same capabilities mentioned on the kiosk page.
  • QR codes can be placed anywhere. Most locations place them in the rooms.
  • Additional flexibility to include hyperlinks.
  • Guests can have it on the whole duration of their trip.
  • Web-Based platform that does not require a download.
  • Purchase tickets from the smartphone.

What's The Benefit​


Paper marketing can add up quickly but with
a digital platform, costs are significantly reduced. Billing can be scaled to fit your season with invoicing set to what works for you and your business best.


With your listing you receive an admin page to see how many times the listing is getting clicked and who is sending your details to themselves.
You can directly see the value of your marketing and remarket to the most qualified leads.


Changing your hours or featuring a special? Let us know and we can add or change details on your listing asap!


Local Travel Guide is displayed front and center in our lobby kiosks and on materials in 3,000 hotel rooms and growing! The mobile site can be accessed from anywhere making it so much easier to acess on the go compared to paper brochures.

Plan & Pricing

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  • Premium
  • Flex
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No Up Front Cost For Platform
Percentage of Income Provided By Platform Used as Payment
Customize to work with existing hardware (Tablets)
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Monthly installments are to be paid first and last month down 30 days notice for cancellation.

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